Even Monsters Get Sick

This cute, interactive story for the iPad is FREE again. Even Monsters Get Sick is a story written for kids 5+ about a boy and his pet monster. Kids can follow along or read on their own as Harry tries to discover what is wrong with his monster. The artwork is appealing and there are animations on every page. The app tells a cute story with a positive message from the perspective of Harry, the boy. Perfect 😊!

Even Monsters Get Sick - Busy Bee Studios


Nighty Night

nighty night

Over 4 million downloads and counting… Nighty Night was recently updated and is FREE again for a limited time. This interactive bedtime app (for kids 1 – 4) has it all – cute animals, sleepy lullaby music, great narration, and fabulous artwork. The artwork is beautifully done by Heidi Wittlinger, an Oscar nominated artist. The story is perfect for your child’s bedtime ritual. Kids help to put 7 sleepy animals to bed by clicking off the lights around the farm thus setting the mood for their own bedtime. 🙂 Six additional animals can be added to the story with in-app purchases. The story can be switched from the winter version to the summer version and it can be changed to 12 different languages – English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. This educational app is really lovely and it has been successful internationally.  It won App of the Year 2011 in the “books category” in Germany & the U.S. It also reached #1 in iPad books in the US, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Australia Switzerland and Austria! Love this app!!

Nighty Night! HD – Bedtime stories – Story book for children - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH


Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats

FREE For a limited time – Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats. The Millie books feature a cute, lovable dog named Millie that kids LOVE! If you own the other two ebooks: Meet Millie and Millie and the Lost Key, you will want this volume too. The book presents a series of silly tricks and treats featuring Millie – nothing scary for little ones. Every time you read it, the randomly generated video clips change so the book is always different.There is also scratch-off picture & hidden sticker on every page. Love this series!

Highly recommended!

Millie's Book of Tricks and Treats - Megapops LLC


Teddy’s Night

Teddy's NightTeddy’s Night is on sale for $.99! Based on the bestselling book “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Night?” by Bruno Hachler, this app won a 2011 Parent’s Choice Awards in the Mobile Apps Category. A little girl narrates a story about her teddy bear who doesn’t like to go to sleep at night – a cute story with lots of great interactivity! You won’t want to miss this one. 😊

Auryn HD - Teddy's Night - Auryn Inc.


Look Out Larry & Lost Larry

Look Out Larry

FREE for a limited time – 2 interactive books from Wasabi: Look Out Larry & Lost Larry. Larry, an adorable green lizard, is the main character in these two booksfor 2 – 6 year olds.

In Look Out Larry, kids help Larry stay safe and find a cozy place to sleep by helping to protect him from the dangers of the Australian bush – a spider, a snake, a brush fire, etc. At the end, there is an alternative version of the story called Larry’s Dream. Larry dreams of defending himself against the dangers of the bush in some cute & clever ways. This educational app also includes a matching game.

In Lost Larry, kids help Larry find his way home across rivers, over canyons, over a rickety bridge, etc. This is Larry’s third and most ambitious adventure! Kids will love helping Larry make it home. They pet his little green head to put him to sleep once he gets there! Cute!!

Look Out Larry! animated story book - Wasabi Productions - Wasabi Productions   Look Out Larry          Lost Larry interactive story book - Wasabi Productions - Wasabi Productions   Lost Larry




FREE for a limited time – Dino-Store, a funny interactive story for early readers. Leo and his father go to the store to get eggs and chose a carton of HUGE ones. 12 baby dinosaurs hatch out and that’s where the fun begins! Kids can choose to follow along or read on their own as they enjoy the cute illustrations and fun interactions. And…the story line leaves it open for a sequel! This book would be great for teaching story sequence or as a springboard to writing about the dinosaurs’ further adventures.

Dino-Store Storybook - Bluemarker


Mr. Sandman

mr sandmanFREE for a limited time – Mr. Sandman is a beautiful, interactive bedtime story for the iPad/iPhone. The story does a nice job of addressing a common fear of childhood. It is about a young boy who is afraid of the dark. The sandman appears and the boy drifts off to sleep. In his dream, he meets an owl who shows him wonderful & magical things about the dark. The app features incredibly beautiful artwork and dreamy music – perfect to set the mood for the story. But the most wonderful thing about this app is the way that it transitions from page to page. Kids move the story forward in a variety of unique ways. They help the sandman sprinkle the sand, say “Shhh” to calm the frogs, scratch the owl’s belly, touch the moon, and more. Each page transitions to the next page in a uniquely delightful way. And, the app can be switched different languages – nine in all. Mr. Sandman is wonderful – don’t miss it! 🙂

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mr.-sandman/id511273529?mt=8&uo=4