Look Out Larry & Lost Larry

Look Out Larry

FREE for a limited time – 2 interactive books from Wasabi: Look Out Larry & Lost Larry. Larry, an adorable green lizard, is the main character in these two booksfor 2 – 6 year olds.

In Look Out Larry, kids help Larry stay safe and find a cozy place to sleep by helping to protect him from the dangers of the Australian bush – a spider, a snake, a brush fire, etc. At the end, there is an alternative version of the story called Larry’s Dream. Larry dreams of defending himself against the dangers of the bush in some cute & clever ways. This educational app also includes a matching game.

In Lost Larry, kids help Larry find his way home across rivers, over canyons, over a rickety bridge, etc. This is Larry’s third and most ambitious adventure! Kids will love helping Larry make it home. They pet his little green head to put him to sleep once he gets there! Cute!!

Look Out Larry! animated story book - Wasabi Productions - Wasabi Productions   Look Out Larry          Lost Larry interactive story book - Wasabi Productions - Wasabi Productions   Lost Larry


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