Labo Drawing Apps on Sale!


On sale for $.99 – Labo Drawing Lessons. This educational app has 3 different modes: drawing lessons, free drawing, and PK. In the lesson mode, your child will learn to draw 40 different things from 5 categories: animals, plants, vehicles, monsters, people. The app utilizes a step-by-step teaching method then scores the drawing after it has been completed. In the free drawing mode, kids work on a blank canvas and draw their own creations. They are not scored in this mode. They can choose from 3 tools (pencil, crayon, brush) and 18 different colors. They can also pull in photos from the camera roll to use as a background. In both modes, kids can take pictures of their drawings, redo them, or trash them. If they take a picture, the creation is stored in the photo gallery and saved to the device’s camera roll. Once a drawing is on the camera roll, it can be shared, printed, or pulled into other apps. Finally, there is a PK mode which permits a child to compete with their parents or friends to see who can draw faster. Check out this YouTube video to see how this app works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-drawing-lessons-3y+/id879834557?mt=8&uo=4

Also on sale for $.99…

Labo Car Designer: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-car-designer-4y+/id872564909?mt=8

Labo Dancing Kids: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-dancing-kids-magical/id903392264?mt=8

Labo Pebble Art: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-pebble-art-make-crafts/id928944711?mt=8

Labo Fabric Friends: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-fabric-friends-making/id966500443?mt=8

Labo Train: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/labo-train-creative-draw-play/id914323527?mt=8


Sago Mini Doodlecast

On sale for $.99 – Sago Mini Doodlecast, an adorable drawing app for kids. This educational app is unique in several ways. First of all, it features 30+ open-ended drawing prompts that inspire creativity. Kids draw pictures to answer questions such as: Who lives on this planet? What is wet? What makes you happy? As your child draws, short videos of the entire drawing process are created, with accompanying audio. The app encourages parent/child play – recording your child’s creation (stroke by stroke) along with your conversation about his/her drawing. And, the app supports more than 14 languages. Parents can use the app as a teaching tool or to encourage kids to express their feelings. Finished videos can be shared with friends and family – perfect for grandparents who live far away! Super sweet app!!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sago-mini-doodlecast/id469487373?mt=8&uo=4



Now that it is summer, you may want to create a digital book of your child’s latest year in school. You can use Artkive, a productivity app, to do so. You may have heard of  this app because it has been featured on THE TODAY SHOW and in Real Simple magazine.

Artkive makes it easy to digitally store, share, and print your children’s artwork/schoolwork. Originally released on August 11, 2012  – this app for the iPhone/iPad is FREE again. It is very easy to use…. First you create an account. Then enter the first names of your children. Take photos of their artwork/schoolwork or upload existing photos from your camera roll. Tag the photo with a child’s name, age or grade, the date, and a title. So simple! You can then share their art with family & friends. You will also be able to have Artkive create digital books & other products using your child’s artwork/schoolwork. You can even order a few holiday presents while you’re at it. 🙂 Artkive makes it easy to collect, store, and share your children’s artwork.

What a great idea! As a parent, you can use it to create books for your children, of any age. I plan to make gift books for my adult children of the art/work that I have saved for years – yay, no more clutter!! As a teacher, you could use it to create digital portfolios of children’s work. Lots of possibilities with this one…. try it yourself while it is free!

To learn more @ http://www.artkiveapp.com/

Artkive - The Kive Company


Toca Mini


On sale for $.99 – Toca Mini, another creative app from Toca Boca. With this app kids can create silly monsters, imaginary animals, or playful friends. Toca Minis can become whatever you want them to be. To start, kids add colors to the mini’s body, arms, & legs. Then they add details using a wide variety of stamps – bows, hats, buttons, polka dots, etc. Next, kids add facial features which brings their minis to life – they, ooh, ah, sneeze, smile, blink, and more.  Kids can also add hair, eyebrows, beards, mustaches, etc. With 60 different colors and 78 different stamps, there are thousands of possible combinations. When kids finish creating their own unique mini, they can take a snapshot and save it to the camera roll. Then they can print it, share it, pull it into a story writing app, and more. Creating a mini could be a great springboard for creative writing – descriptive paragraphs, a story about their created character/creature. Toca Boca has created another open-ended, creative app!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toca-mini/id718082838?mt=8&uo=4


Chili Fish

chili fishFREE for a limited time – Chili Fish, a fun art app for children. Kids use their imaginations to create fish for their very own underwater kingdom. First they use a variety of colors to paint and/or stamp their fish. Then they choose from different eyes, tails, fins, mouths, etc. The result is a completely new fish every time. Each fish has its own personality, speed, and taste in food. They can also lay eggs to create new fishy friends. Kids can snap pictures of their fish and save them to the camera roll. Then they can print, share, or write about them. Check out this open-ended and interactive app. Kids will enjoy exploring and interacting with the aquatic world that they help to create!

Direct Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chili-fish/id907053583?mt=8&uo=6


Musical Paint

Musical Paint

FREE for a limited time – Musical Paint a creative, multi-sensory app for the iPhone/iPad. Kids are welcomed into an art museum by a friendly blue walrus with a French accent. There is also an ensemble of lively musicians (underwater animals) at the museum. Kids are invited to paint a picture on a canvas. Each color is a musical tone so when the kids paint, they are painting music! If the child chooses to save his/her painting, it is hung in the museum – a very cute feature. They even get to sign their work. Kids can also share their paintings via email. What fun it would be for kids to send Grandma a picture of their masterpiece that is in a museum!! The app also has a lesson plan section for teachers & parents. Nicely done app for younger kids!!

Musical Paint - Building Blocks Media LLC


Paint My Wings

imageFREE for a limited time – Paint My Wings, a fun coloring app from Toca Boca. Kids paint the wings of three different butterflies. They start by choosing a color and a brush. They can finger paint or “tap” paint to add color and design to the butterfly. As one wing is painted, an identical pattern appears on the other wing – perfect for a lesson on symmetry. The butterflies have quite the personalities. They talk and sing as kids paint them. They name the colors and they giggle when tickled. Finished creations can be photographed and shared with others. Paint My Wings is another creatively fun app from Toca Boca!!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paint-my-wings/id432858701?mt=8&uo=6