Paddle Duck in Where is Carrie Cat?

Normally $3.99, now FREE for a limited time – Paddle Duck is a fun interactive story for your toddler (18 months+). Your child will follow Paddle Duck from sunrise to sunset on his adventure to find Carrie Cat.  Along the way Paddle Duck needs some help – counting to three, knowing which way to swim, looking in the barn, etc. Stars appear around the area your toddler should tap to activate the interactivity. Two catchy little songs are incorporated into his adventure. The words for these songs and suggestions for interactions with your child are found in the parent’s learning notes section. The narrator’s voice can be changed from a British accent to a US accent. Colorful artwork, appealing & very polite characters, a rhyming song & a song to encourage dance movement – this app has it all. Nicely done for little ones!!

Highly recommended!

Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story - PaddleDuck Pty Ltd

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