FREE for a limited time, this iPad story is about an architect’s dog named Clover. Clover’s owner has to travel to China and Clover decides to stowaway in his luggage so that she can go along. The suitcase is put on the wrong plane and Clover is stranded on the other side of the world. The story follows Clover’s adventures as she makes her way from Paris to Moscow to Beijing and back to Denver. Along the way she makes a friend and sees some of the world’s architectural masterpieces. The unique thing about this app is the way that it is designed. As you read the story and  swipe from page to page, you are actually controlling the action in the story. The faster you swipe, the faster Clover runs, the subway moves, etc. It almost feels like a movie at times. This app was a collaborative effort between Fentress Architects and Soma Creates. The result is a cute educational story that uses technology in a creative & unique way. Kids will love it!

Highly recommended!

Clover - Soma Creates

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