Moving Christmas

moving christmas

Just released on December 1, Moving Christmas is currently FREE for the iPad. This e-book has 40+ pages of interactive fun with special sound effects & music. Christmas is in trouble because global warning has melted the ice at the North Pole. With Christmas only a month away, Santa calls on Frank Duffy, Mover of the Impossible. So Duffy and his dog, Bricks, fly off to the North Pole to take on the challenge of saving Christmas. Love this app! First of all, it’s a fun, smart story – written so it can be enjoyed by kids & adults. It has great whimsical illustrations by Max Micheli who has created for Disney, Nickelodeon, and more. The narration is wonderful but there is also the option of reading the book on your own. Rich in language, this book would be perfect to share in the classroom in so many ways. Use for a lesson on character traits, a lesson on inference (as the story setting changes), language lessons on similes, adjectives, and more!

This story is obviously the first in a series as there is an introduction to Frank’s next adventure at the end of this one – Frank is going to move Area 51. 🙂  I am looking forward to more from this developer!

Moving Christmas - Trusted Cape


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