Oh, What a Tangle


FREE for a limited time – Oh, What a Tangle!, an educational app from Digital Leaf that normally sells for $4.99. It is a fun story told in rhyme about Kiki, a little girl who doesn’t take the time to brush her hair. Why? Because, she always finds something better to do. A knot develops and Kiki allows it to get wildly out of control. It’s such a cute story with animation & interactivity on almost every page. Kids can help paint Kiki’s nails different colors, use a magnifying glass to find the tiny knot in Kiki’s hair, make the birds fly around Kiki’s head, etc. Kids also collect hidden brushes throughout the story to unlock puzzles at the end of the story. The story is rich in vocabulary – great for a lesson on context clues. 🙂

Oh, What a Tangle! - Digital Leaf


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