My Story Time

My Story Time

FREE for a limited – My Story Time, an educational app that makes your child the main character in the underwater story  entitled If I Were a Scuba Diver. To begin, you or choose or take 2 photos (faces) to put into the story. The app makes it easy to align and scale them. Time to read! Children can read the story on their own or there is a narration button on each page. The story is told in rhyme, brightly illustrated, and the characters appear to be swimming if you tilt some of the pages. 🙂 The story is cute. But… it’s write-up describes it as a fairy tale and “technically” it is not.  The developers hope to add additional stories but at this time there is only the one. Kids LOVE being the start of a story. It might be fun to create this story before/after a trip to the beach!

MyStoryTime - Personalized Story Books for Kids - Austin Archibald


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