Beck and Bo by Avokiddo

Beck & Bo

FREE today only – Beck and Bo by Avokiddo, a beautifully designed educational app for toddlers. The app consists of 12 interactive scenes that come to life – one piece at a time. Kids build animated scenes by dragging & dropping items to their proper places. As they do so, they learn the name & sound of each item. The multi-sensory scene comes alive – piece by piece! After each scene is completed, kids gain access to an interactive album for that scene. In that album they can view all the scene’s items, listen to their names & sounds, and see how the words are spelled. Kids will love the adventures of Beck and Bo as they join them on a beach, in the city, on a safari, for a swim in the ocean, at a theme park, and more. As they play, they will be learning vocabulary, making associations, and recognizing cause & effect. Beck and Bo is digital play at its best!

Download link:


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