Disney American Presidents


Happy Presidents’ Day! Disney American Presidents, an award-winning educational app is free for a limited time only! Kids flip through the Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook to learn about the American Presidency. The app includes more than 2 hours of presidential profiles which are entertainingly funny and historically accurate. Kids can flip through the app in chronological order or they can look at the presidents by era. The music, art styles, etc. of each era are also included to help kids gain a greater understanding of each time period. Each President (from Washington to Obama) has his own two-page spread, with fun interactive elements that link to interesting facts about his presidency. The app features presidential historians from the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress as well as experts/White House insiders like Wesley Clark & Sam Donaldson. It’s Airplay enabled – perfect for classrooms presentations. The app was listed as: Parent’s Choice Award Winner, Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2012: The 10 Best Apps Of The Year, Scholastic Instructor – 50 Best Apps for Teachers. Highly recommended for a fun and factual look at history!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disney-american-presidents/id559557889?mt=8&uo=4


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