Cozmo’s Day Off

Cozmo’s Day Off is an adorable interactive storybook for the iPhone/iPad. It has a FREE lite version that you may preview before you purchase the full version ($3.99) but… the full version is currently on sale for only $.99!

In the lite version the menu page and the first page are fully interactive. Purchasing the full version unlocks every page – totaling over 100 interactions. This app tells a cute story about a little green alien’s day in read-along rhyme. The pitch of the narrator’s voice can be changed – which is a fun feature. There is also a record option which allows kids to record themselves reading the book. After recording, the pitch of their voices can be changed. They can slow their voice way down (making it deeper) or speed it up (making it higher) – both make them sound like aliens. I think kids would LOVE this feature and it would provide quite the incentive to read the book on their own. I can hear the giggles now. 🙂

Here’s the link to the full version:


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