Millie Was Here, Book 1 and Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure, Book 3

I am a HUGE fan of the Millie Was Here series – these apps are adorable. They are loaded with fun interactivity that really adds to the story. Kids will be delighted and engaged as they join Millie on her adventures. These kid-appealing apps will produce lots of smiles. 🙂

Millie Was Here – Millie’s first adventure is currently FREE. This award-winning interactive book for kids has been one of my favorites since I started my blog. The story follows Millie on her first adventure. Millie (a lovable dog) has super powers, loves bacon, and is a master of disguise. I love everything about this app – the narration, music, interactivity, and Millie – the super cute star of the book. The story is available in 11 languages. The app automatically sets itself to the language of your device – how cool is that!

Millie Was Here, Book 1: Meet Millie - Megapops LLC


Also FREE – Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure, the third book in the Millie series for the iPhone/iPad. Millie’s adventures continue when she goes to a birthday party for Kitty and forgets to bring a present. Millie builds a time machine to solve the problem. She goes back a bit too far and lands in prehistoric times with the dinosaurs! The result is another fun Millie story loaded with interactivity. Kids LOVE these books!

Download link:


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