Endless Numbers

endless numbers

SO excited – LOVE these apps!!

From the developers of Endless Alphabet  & Endless Reading, comes a new app – Endless Numbers. The adorable silly Endless monsters are back and this time it’s to teach preschoolers about numbers. Kids can try numbers 1 – 5 in this FREE version with numbers 1 – 25 available as an in-purchase. Additional number packets will be sold in the future.

The app opens to a ferris wheels full of numbers. Kids tap a number and the fun begins. The app counts to the chosen number. Then the kids count by dragging the animated numbers back in place. Next, silly monsters come by to knock over the numbers and an equation appears. Addition is introduced. After working with the equation, kids count again. This time they count the eyes on the monster. Finally, there is a short animation that presents context & meaning for each number. This app delivers early number skills (number recognition, counting, simple addition, odd numbers, patterns) in an entertaining way. Endless Numbers makes early learning what it should be – joyful and fun. It is currently featured as a “Best New App” on Apple’s App Store. What a fabulous educational app!!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/endless-numbers/id804360921?mt=8&uo=4



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