Shiny Bakery


FREE today – Shiny Bakery, an educational app for 2 – 5 year olds. Kids help Alice the Zebra bake then decorate cakes & cookies in her bakery. As they help, they are developing early number sense – counting, measuring, dividing, and sequencing. There is a lot of educational content packed into this fun little app. 1. Math: Kids learns to count as they add ingredients to the bowl. 2. Following directions (recipes): Kids will develop an understanding of following step-by-step directions. 3. Cause/effect: What happens when you add fish or a shoe to the cake mix? 4. Sharing/dividing: Kids have to divide the cake/share cookies equally to keep all of the customers happy because the emotions of customers vary according to what they receive. 5. Problem solving: If kids make a mistake they can try again. Shiny Kids apps are best  experienced through co-play. Parents are encouraged to play with their child and talk about their experiences – reading customers’ emotions, solving problems, sharing equally, etc. Nicely done app!

Download link:


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