Fingerpaint Magic II

fingerprint magic

FREE for a limited time  – Fingerpaint Magic II, a fingerpainting app for kids and adults. Creating a digital masterpiece with this app is easy and there’s no mess to clean up! Just tap on the screen and start painting… with one or all of your fingers. You can use randomly generated colors or choose your own colors. You can set the size, life, velocity, and tilt of your brush. There are ten neutral backgrounds included or you can choose one of your photos as a background. Another fun feature of the app is mirroring. Strokes can be mirrored diagonally or in all four corners. Use Fingerpaint Magic II to enhance your photos or create your own wallpapers. Or, just use it to create and share art with family and friends. This app would be fun for little ones and great for developing their fine motor skills. 🙂

Download link:

Also FREE – Fingerpaint Magic, the original version of this app.

Download link:



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