Giggle Ghosts

FREE for a limited time – Giggle Ghosts, a cute counting app for preschoolers. The giggle ghosts are very cute – kids will love to hear them laugh. Kids help 20 ghosts get the party by bouncing them across rooftops. In the first level the sky is clear and they have to bounce 5 ghosts. The app counts to 5 and shows the written numbers. The second level is the same but there are leaves blowing in the sky. In the third level there are clouds in the sky and in the fourth level it is raining. Both provide additional counting practice from 1- 5. At the end, all 20 ghosts at the party are counted. This app is great for little ones – nothing scary, just fun & friendly ghosts going to a party. 🙂

Giggle Ghosts - by Busy Bee Studios - Busy Bee Studios


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