Labo Car Designer

Labo Car DesignerFREE for a limited time – Labo Car Designer, a drawing app for your budding automobile engineer. Kids can design, customize, and drive their own vehicles. They start by tracing one of twenty-eight car bodies or they can choose to draw their own car body. Then they add color – 16 choices are available. Next kids choose their tires. There are twenty-four different styles and the option of changing the size & spacing of the tires. Kids can also add stickers and lights to jazz up their vehicles. The results are adorable – a one of a kind creation to travel in! When they are finished designing their cars, kids can save their creations to a garage (of course). Then it’s time to take a vehicle out for a spin. Kids will enjoy exploring the twenty-one fun-filled road in four different kinds of weather. Check out this creative, fun app today!

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