My Story Book Creator

story maker

One of my favorite writing apps just went FREE!!

FREE for a limited time – My Story Book Creator, a great writing app for the iPad. Kids can easily create then read an unlimited number of their own e-books using this app. The app’s design makes writing stories easy for kids of all ages. They create their books one page at a time by typing in their text and adding their artwork. They can use a variety of mediums for their art –  stickers, drawings (with pencils, paints or markers), camera photos, or pictures saved in the photo library. They can also record themselves reading their books. Finalized stories can read directly from the app, be published to iBooks, and/or shared via email with anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad.

What a great way for your child to save and/or share stories of his/her experiences. Take photos of your vacation or your day (at the zoo, in the park, etc.) then let your child narrate to share with grandparents. The voice recordings remain intact when the book is shared. And, the words can be typed in later so that kids can also read their stories.

My Story is perfect for the classroom because teachers can add multiple authors and sync it across multiple iPads! Kids can share their stories with friends through iBooks, write and present digital reports, keep ongoing vocabulary books and/or journals etc. What a fantastic tool to encourage writing! Don’t miss this one!!

My Story - Book Maker for Kids - HiDef Web Solutions


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