Pythagorea & Euclidea 3

FREE for a limited time – Pythagorea: Geometry on Squared Paper and Euclidea 3: Geometric Constructions Game, two great math apps for developing problem solving, logic and deeper thinking!pythagoreaPythagorea teaches students about geometry as they play on squared paper. There are ten levels ranging from elementary to impossible. Kids construct and explore different geometric objects: squares, parallelograms, perpendiculars, rhombuses, and more. There are no instruments needed – just connect points with straight lines. The app starts out easy.The beginning levels can be solved by kids who know very little geometry. But soon the problems become much more complicated. The final levels require a deep thinking, intuition, and comprehension – great for developing logical thinkers!

 Direct Link for Pythagorea:

euclideanEuclidea 3 is a challenging game of geometry. It includes eleven tutorials that guide kids through the basics of Euclidean constructions. Once they have mastered the fundamentals, kids move on to tougher challenges – 120  in total. The app provides help along the way. It has an explore mode that shows them the figure they need to construct. As they solve problems, kids earn coins to buy hints for more difficult challenges. Coins are also available as in-app purchases. Kids create eleven different tools as they progress though the levels. Those tools become useful as they solve more advanced challenges. Many challenges can be solved more than one way, which gives students the opportunity to try different approaches. Kids that design the most elegantly simple solutions in the least number of moves earn the highest scores. They can even compete with their friends in the Game Center. What a great app for developing problem solving and logic!

Direct Link for Euclidea 3:



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