Mibblio is an interactive musical/storybook app for kids. Children read the illustrated story-songs called “mibblets” as they listen to the catchy tunes. They can also jam along on a variety of instruments. The app has a keyboard along the bottom of the screen with a choice of 8 different instruments. They can also use a tambourine or cowbell to tap along to the beat of the song. Some “mibblets” are based on well-known songs such as The Farmer in the Dell. Others are original compositions. The FREE download includes your choice of 1 “mibblet” with additional “mibblets” available as in-app purchases. I chose I Like ’em Sunny Side Up which was adorable!

You can preview the app and all of the “mibblets” online @Mibblio – An interactive musical children’s book app for iPad. Mibblio has been featured in Parents Magazine, Mashable, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, Gizmodo, Children’s Technology Review, and more. It was also listed on The Guardian’s “50 Best Apps for Kids from 2013 that Parents Can Trust.”

Mibblio - Mibblio


And for a limited time, Wheels on the Bus, Mibblio’s #1 in-app purchase is also FREE. Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wheels-on-the-bus-band/id820378253?mt=8&uo=4


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