Sparky the Shark Funny Animated Interactive Kids Storybook HD 2.1


FREE for a limited time – Sparky the Shark, a fun interactive story for kids. Sparky is a friendly shark who does not understand why he frightens people. He and his penguin pal, Dax, try to fix the problem by getting Sparky a new look. They try different teeth and a variety of disguises. Eventually Sparky is accepted for who he is. The app has 2 modes – “read to me” and “read it myself.” There are 90+ interactive hidden hot spots in the story for kids to discover. There is also a “fun disguises page” where kids can dress Sparky in goofy teeth, hats, ties, & googly eyes. Then they can take his photo. What a great app – a fun interactive experience with an important message about wanting to be accepted and believing in one’s self. No wonder it was a finalist in the Australian Mobile Awards!

Download link:


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